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    ZYS-05B NEMA (five-wire) socket is a connector socket comply with ANSI C136.41 standard, providing reliable outdoor electromechanical connections. It can be twisted and locked to match outdoor street lamp, courtyard lamp and other lighting controllers.In order to solve the problem of how to install the light control at the best angle position, the products we developed can be fixed by screws after the street light installer chooses the best orientation. It is simple, convenient and fast to connect the external circuit of lamps fixtures.
    Agency Standard Agency File Number
    UL 773 E523208


    Comply with UL773 & ANSI C136.41-2013

    Fireproof and UV resistant, suitable for various outdoor lamps

    Convenient / reliable / durable twist-lock connection

    Preset wires for easy integration into the lamp

    The length of the wire can be customized, making it easier to adapt to different lamps


    Part Number ZYS-05B(5PIN)
    Rated Voltage 0-480Vac
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Rated Load Power AWG#18:30VDC, 0.25Amp max. AWG#16:10Amp max
    Cable 300mm
    Color Black
    Size Φ64.0mm*31.0mm
    Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Relative Humidity 5~99%Rh
    lngress Protection IP66
    Fireproof Grade PC+ABS, UL94-V0


    The socket line must be connected with the correct power line. To prevent electric shock, please make sure that the power is turned off before installing and removing any wires. All wire connections must be electrically insulated.To install the NEMA socket,we can lock the screw to fix by turning the inner core of the socket and adjust the N indicator. See the following figure for connection mode


    Wire Specification

    Wire specifications Wire Length Stripping Tin Color
    UL1015 16AWG 300±1mm 300±1mm Li -Black:Lo - Red;N -White
    UL1015 18AWG 300±1mm 300±1mm DIM+: Purple; DIM-: Grey; For Option: Orange/Brown


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