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    ZYS-P10A series surge protector is a transient over-voltage protection device specially used for outdoor LED lighting system. It is mainly composed of thermal protection varistor and gas discharge tube device. It can be installed in LED lamp or perpetual lamp and connected with LED power driver to provide reliable surge protection. It can effectively prolong the service life of lamps and improve the stability of lamps and lanterns.The protection device must be metal oxide varistor type MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor).
    Agency Standard Agency File Number
    UL1449 E502491
    EN61643-11:2012+All J50532068


    Applicable to class I or II lamps

    Built in protection mode: L-N, L-PE, N-PE

    Built in thermal separation function for higher security

    Parallel isolation design, excellent protection performance

    Excellent surge resistance and very low residual voltage

    UL 1015 16#Electronic wire

    Small and convenient for embedded installation

    IP65 dust proof and waterproof grade


    Part Number ZYS-P10A(3 Wires)
    Rated working voltage/Un(VAC) 100-277V
    Maximum continuous working voltage/MCOV/Uc(VAC)1 350V
    Rated load current/IL(A) 5A
    Nominal discharge current/In(kA)2 5KA
    Maximum Discharge Current/Imax(kA)3 10KA
    Surge Impulse Voltage/Uoc(KV) 10KV
    Voltage Protection Level/Up(V)4 L-N,L-G/PE,N-G/PE≤1.5KV
    Power Supply System TN
    Waterproof grade IP65
    Work environment -40℃~+85℃
    UL1449 test classification Type 5


    1 Maximum continuous working voltage MCOV/UC(VAC): The maximum continuous working voltage continuously applied to the SPD line end
    2 Nominal discharge current (In) (kA): The measured value of SPD withstand capability; the measured value of 15 pulses using 8/20us current waveform.
    3 Maximum discharge current (max) (kA):The maximum discharge current is the measured value of the SPD's maximum withstand capability, and the measured value of 2 pulses using 8/20us current waveform
    4 Voltage protection level/Up: IEC61643-11 voltage protection level, the maximum residual voltage measured value of the nominal discharge current (ln) under continuous application of 8/20u pulses, is the maximum voltage measured value after one round


    Wire Specification

    Wire specifications Wire Length Stripping Tin Color


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