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    ZYS-02B Photocell is a lighting switch control device comply with UL773 and ANSIC136.41 standard,twist-locked installed in street lamp, courtyard lamp and other lighting lamps for automatic switch control. This type of photo control can detect the ambient brightness to control the switch function of lamps. Wide voltage input, widely used in power grid standards around the world. In addition, it has different switching brightness threshold and delay characteristics, which can avoid the influence caused by lightning at night.
    Agency Standard Agency File Number
    UL 773 E523208
    CSA C22.2 E523208


    Comply with UL773 & ANSI C136.41-2013

    Fireproof and UV resistant, suitable for various outdoor lamps

    Convenient / reliable / durable twist-lock connection

    Different switch brightness thresholds, delay trigger, reliable and stable

    Built-in lightning protection devices to effectively protect against surge interference


    Part Number ZYS-02B
    Rated voltage 100-277Vac,50/60Hz
    Rated load 1200W @ 277Vac
    Time Delay 3-15 Seconds
    Rated Current 10A
    Electrical Life >10000 ON/OFF Operations at Rated Load
    Color Black
    Operating Temperature -40℃~60℃
    IP Rating IP66
    Turn-On Light Levels The minimum illuminance value to turn on the light is 10Lux, The maximum illuminance value to turn off the lights is 60Lux
    ON/OFF Ratio 1:1.5~4
    Fail Mode Fail/Off
    Power Consumption <1W
    Housing Material PC945
    Dimension Φ73.2mm*39.0mm
    Relative Humidity 5%~95%
    Fireproof Grade UL94-V0


    The photocontrol has anti-jamming design, and the pin of zero line is larger than that of phase line input and phase line output. During installation, after the power pin is correctly aligned with the socket hole, push down until the bottom of the photo control fits on the surface of the socket, slightly press the gasket, and then turn the photo control clockwise to lock it in place. Please reverse the process of disassemble process.


    Wire Specification

    Wire specifications Wire Length Stripping Tin Color


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